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Songs of Peace: The World’s Biggest Poetry Anthology of Contemporary Poets 2020 is the first edition of The League of POETS peace anthologies. The anthology is of two parts, a copy of 1 to 500 poems and the other 500 to 1000 poems. The anthology which is the publication prize for The League of POETS 2019 peace anthology united poets from 139 nations who earned themselves a life-time achievement and co-author honour certificates, with their names forever written on the literary sands of time. This anthology united different people from hundreds of multicultural, ethnic and religious divides together for peace. With PhD authors, newspaper editors, retired teachers, scholars, literary professors, indie writers, young adults etc writing together, this makes the anthology a book for everyone, for everyone who believes true peace can be attained and promoted through literature.

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Regarding The Nigerian copyright law (Cap 28, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) and the degree of the copyright emphasized on the poems published in this historical collection “Songs of Peace: World’s Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry 2020.” on March 22nd 2020 and March 23rd 2020.

I Balogun Iyanu, hereby restate that the rights to all poems submitted for “Songs of Peace: The World Biggest Anthology of Contemporary Poetry” is a joint copyright in respective to both The League of POETS and the authors published.

Hence, with citation there is NO OBJECTION to the authors republishing the poem in another book.

Finally, The League of POETS claims NO EXCLUSIVE rights over the published author’s poems.

Signed by: Balogun Iyanu, Founder and Executive Head of The League of POETS

Date: 01-15-21

By Balogun Iyanu

Balogun Iyanu is a Nigerian poet, a web designer, human rights ambassador and an internationally acclaimed writer who presides as the founder and executive head of The League of POETS.