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We are the home to hundreds of countries across the globe whose poets and writers continue to promote the critical advancement of peace through their literary art in participating in our literary promotional activities!

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From the Iran uprisings to the Kashmir Lives Matter movements, our poets across the globe are painstakingly supporting crucial global peace movements across the globe!


Exclusive Promo For TLOP Authors in the US and UK

The League of POETS Book Review organization, SilkRoad Reviews, is currently reviewing, promoting and interviewing authors and their books in a 14-Day Promo that can only be ever writers wish! Getting reviews from qualified editors is one of the best ways of promoting your book. Not only will you build buzz around your title within industry circles; you’ll […]

Update: The TLOP PROMO is on!

If you’ve been waiting, here we are! The TLOP Promo is the time in the year when we discount all our writing services 50% off! Running from May 15th to June 15th, these promo offers are targeted to help upcoming and indie authors enjoy our premium offers to the maximum with additional promotional services. You […]

VOP Anthology Announcement

Voice of Peace: 1st Intercontinental Poetry And Short Story Anthology will be published in ebook/digital version on May 31st 2021. All top finalists will be sent free copies of the digital anthology. Links of the anthology will be published on our website in due time. Till then, Thanks for promoting world peace with us, we […]

VOP Winners Announcement

The Voice of Peace winners certificates has now been published on our TLOP Anthologies page.  Kindly click the button below to access the page! Thank you for promoting peace with us, we hope to see you participate in our upcoming activities. The TLOP Jury Team Read The Winners Announcement Here Voice of Peace: 1st Poetry […]

They Came By Night By Andrew Bathgate

Best for: Dark Fantasy Readers  PG Rating: 13 Star Rating: 5 Stars Date Published: 13th of March 2021 Book ASIN: 979-8721159404 Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu REVIEW In this medieval epic fantasy novel often compared to the HBO blockbuster series, Game of Thrones. They Came By Night is the book one of the Icor tales. Bathgate provides the reader with an […]

The Return By Gabriella Balcom

Best for: Mashup Fiction Readers  PG Rating: 13 Star Rating: 5 Stars Date Published: 21st of March 2021 Book ASIN: 979-8725654813 Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu REVIEW The year is 2027 and scientific advances have led to the creation of next generational robots been grown biologically and programmed with artificial intelligence with seemingly endless possibilities. The project is been funded by […]

TLOP Interviews Gabriella Balcom

What is your name, where are you from and what are your hobbies? Hello. My name is Gabriella Balcom, and I live in Texas. I like traveling, music, good shows, photography, history, interesting tales of all sorts, genealogy, scrapbooking, plants, and animals. I’m a sucker for a great story and love forests, mountains, and back […]

The Wrong Turn By Tracey Chizoba Fletcher

Best for: Fantasy Readers  PG Rating: 16 Star Rating: 5 Stars Date Published: 10th of February 2021 Book ASIN: 978-1954004597 Reviewer: Balogun Iyanu REVIEW An impulsive first-person narrative! At the cross-roads of a confused life, Chike’s mind goes into solitary. He becomes a disgrace to his family due to his moral laxity which spiritual deliverance was ineffectual in changing. […]

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